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Manufacturing only the best wooden pallets in Southern Missouri. Lazy W Pallets has implemented cost savings measures, keeping its overhead low in order to pass the savings on to you. We supply our customers with the highest quality pallets at the best value for the best prices.


Established in 1984. Lazy W Pallets is a family-owned and operated business manufacturing and delivering high quality pallets. Our goal is making sure at the end of delivery that our clients are satisfied and our efficiency is met. We remain in business because we provide the best value when it comes to our in-house builds with our pallets. We are about loyalty, quality, integrity.


You get a high quality product from a business that values their customers and wants to deliver the best through and through. Pallets are staged, prepped and loaded under the roof. Built with a GMA in mind and assembled with Viking hydraulic nailer. Sent out on our van trailers and out for delivery. 

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Our pallets are GMA certified.

We can customize as long as

it fits with the scopes of 48" x 40". GMA pallets refers to the Grocery Manufacturers Association. This is the standard size with customization to hard or soft wood and have different deck board arrangements.

Hardwood is graded #1, dedusted, and mold free. We clean and make sure that the wood that is pieced together that it is clear before being placed on our trucks for delivery.

Heat treated pallets are available upon request. Heat treatment is when we take the wood to remove all hazardous materials, thereby making the pallets safer and better suited for shipment.

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Pallets will be delivered in dry van trailers by our own fleet of trucks, not outside carriers. Our trucks also are occasionally additional car-go space if your transportation needs coincides with our schedule and route. We use enclosed trailers for our semi-trucks to take on the go.

We are bounded and insured in order to operate high quality hardwood pallets at an affordable cost. Every pallet passes extensive quality control before shipment.

We take our deliveries seriously. Deliveries will be scheduled with receiving and on time. Short notice deliveries available. Pallets will be delivered in dry van trailers by our own fleet of trucks, not outside carriers. Pallets will not be delivered wet, or with ice or snow on them.

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